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Truck Services

Truck Service & Repairs
Truck Service and Repairs
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Diesel Truck Service


Our trained and experienced mechanics offer truck service, repairs, maintenance, and installations on ALL TRUCK TYPES with gas, diesel, or LP engines at our service shop in Moundville, Alabama. Our mechanics inspect all of the components on your truck that can suffer from wear and tear. Not only will they notify you of the areas of concern, they can also repair any issues identified. We also offer mobile service and roadside assistance to your location for your convenience; within a 60-mile radius from our location. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers in a professional and honest manner. We guarantee all of our service work for 90 days.  



    • Inspections - During your inspection, a knowledgeable technician will examine your tire condition and wear, engine oil condition and level, all fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, battery, hoses, and more. They will also look for any existing problems or soon-to-be problems. By catching potential issues early, a vehicle inspection will not only save you time, money, and headaches. It’ll also extend the life of your vehicle.

    • Our mechanics inspect all components on your truck that can suffer from wear and tear. Not only will they notify you of areas of concern, they can also repair any issues identified. 

    • Preventative maintenance such as lubricating chassis components, rotating tires, replacing oil and oil filter, reset oil life monitor, replacing fuel and air filters, fluid inspections, inspect automatic shift lock and park/neutral switch, inspect ignition transaxle lock, inspect parking brake, perform underbody flushing service, inspect exhaust & fuel system, replace transmission filter & fluid, replace coolant, inspect evaporative emission system, inspect exhaust and fuel system, replace air cleaner/element, inspect spark plug wires, replace spark plugs, inspect hydraulic system, replace hydraulic fluid, clean condenser, pressure cap and radiator, inspect drive belt, inspect engine cooling system hoses and clamps, pressure test on the cooling system and pressure cap, etc. 

  • Engine & Chassis Maintenance and Services (on gas, diesel & LP engines including Freightliner Semi Trucks & Refrigerated Truck Trailers) including:

    • Free computer diagnostic scanner testing with print-out (with service or repairs only)

    • Engine: adjust belt tension, R&R dipstick, R&R belts

    • Engine oil change and maintenance (see below for pricing)

    • Batteries (inspections, maintenance and replacements)

    • Alternator/starter repairs: diagnose charging system, diagnose starting system, R&R: alternator, alternator mounting brackets, belt adjustments, minor wiring repairs, regulator, starter

    • Engine Cooling:  diagnose cooling leaks, cooling system pressure check, test FCA level, complete cooling system maintenance, cooling fan, radiator cap, tighten or R&R clamps, test coolant protection level, conversion to extended life, R&R hoses, coolant, air fan control solenoid

    • Exhaust: diagnose exhaust noise/leaks, R&R exhaust pipes (flex), mounting brackets, tighten clamps & supports, mufflers

    • Fuel System: diagnose fuel leaks, replace fuel caps, fuel/water separators, shutoff valves, splitter return valve, visual inspection of fuel quality, R&R lines/hoses, filters fuel, tank straps

    • Suspension​: adjust air ride height, diagnose air leaks, R&R air bag spring, R&R air control valve, R&R lines and fittings, R&R leaf springs

    • Wipers/Washers: diagnose wiper motor, R&R wiper motor, R&R hoses, adjust wiper linkage, R&R wiper arms, diagnose washer pump, R&R washer pump, R&R wiper linkage, R&R wiper blades

    • Nuts/Bolts Replacement

    • Water Pumps

    • Thermostats

    • Sensors

    • Electrical

    • Heating and A/C: diagnose A/C concerns, charge A/C, R&R compressor, lines & hoses, in-cab controls, blower motor, heater hoses, minor wiring repairs, refrigerant leak test, receiver dryer, bracketry, control switches, heater valves

    • Hydraulic Jacks/Hydraulic Systems

    • Brakes, Brake Pads & Rotors: diagnose air leaks, R&R brake shoes, brake chambers, check valves, foot valves, air dryer, hubs, brake adjustments, slack adjusters, air lines and fittings, quick release valves, air dryer cartridge, air reservoirs, drums, driveline, lubricate driveline components, drive shaft, midship bearing, R&R U-joints, yoke assembly

    • Wheel Bearing Packs and Axle Maintenance

    • Trailer Maintenance and Repair

    • Some Exterior Body Repairs


    • Air Conditioning​

      • Evacuate & Charge

      • Performance Inspection

    • Alternator Installation  

      • On Gas Engine

      • On Cummins Engine

      • On CAT Engine

      • On Detroit Engine

      • On Mercedes

      • On Maxxforce Engine

    • Axle Wheel Seal Installation (on Diesels & Semi Trucks, & Refrigerated Truck Trailers)

      • Drive Axle Wheel Seal

      • Steer Axle Wheel Seal

      • Trailer Axle Wheel Seal

      • Pinion Seal

      • Additional Charge for Disc Brakes

    • Clutch Adjustment

      • Adjust Ring Gear

    • Inspections (on Diesels & Semi Trucks, & Refrigerated Truck Trailers)

      • DOT Annual Tractor (with Measurements)

      • DOT Annual Trailer (with Measurements)

      • DOT Annual Combined Tractor & Trailer

      • Trailer PM (DOT, Lube & Air Tires)

      • Mid Trip Inspection (Tractor or Trailer)

      • Used Truck Inspection

      • Battery Performance Inspection

      • Electrical System Inspection

      • Wheel End Inspection

    • Water Pump Installation​

      • On Cummins Engine

      • On CAT Engine

      • On CAT with Twin Turbo

      • On Detroit Engine

      • On Detroit with EGR

      • On Detroit DD15/16/13

      • On Volvo

      • On Refrigerated Unit

    • Miscellaneous​ Services

      • Electrical System Condition Inspection

      • Jump Start on our lot

      • Battery Charge

      • Remove & Replace Fuel or Oil Filter

      • ​Remove & Replace Headlamp

      • ​Remove & Replace Wiper Blade

      • ​Remove & Replace 2 Wiper Blades

      • Trailer Hub Cap Replacement

      • Parts Run

*Prices subject to change without notice. Labor only unless otherwise stated.


We offer different brands of oil, fuel & air filters, for your choice, as well as different oil change packages, per your request:

  • Rapid Oil Change: Includes replacing the oil, fuel and oil filters. 

  • Premium Oil Change: Includes a Rapid Oil Change, plus Tractor Lubrication, Check All Gear Boxes, Check Coolant Level and Freeze Point,

SCA/ELC Contamination Checks, Push Rod Stroke Inspection. 

  • Ultimate Oil Change:  Includes both the Rapid and Premium Oil Change, plus Check All Coolant Hoses & Belts, Check Steering Fluid &

Windshield Washer Fluid, Check Wiper Blades & Air Filter, Check Tires for Excessive Wear, Gauge & Inflate Tires OR Lube Trailer.  

(Oil Change Pricing does not include tax, state fees or environmental fees.

All pricing displayed is based on mineral engine oils, and does not include synthetic or semi-synthetic oils.)

  • TIRES - Avoid safety hazards and expensive service calls by regularly monitoring, maintaining and servicing your truck tires with our certified technicians.  We offer an assortment of tires and tire services, from check and air, to balancing, rotating and repair.  All services are performed by experienced professionals that will keep you rolling safely on the road. We perform the following tire services listed below:

    • Check & Air Tractor Tires

    • Check & Air Trailer Tires

    • Balance One Tire

    • Tire Rotation Per Wheel (On/Off Vehicle)

    • Repair Spare Tire (not installed)

    • Tire Repair (Outside Wheel)

    • Tire Repair (Inside Wheel)

    • Mount Tire (Outside Wheel)

    • Mount Tire (Inside Wheel)

    • Spare Mount (Inside and Outside)

  • WHEELS - We do offer a variety of wheels that can be purchased and/or installed.

  • TRUCK & OFF-ROAD PARTS & ACCESSORIES are available for purchase. We install all truck parts and accessories that we offer.

  • OFF-ROAD CUSTOMIZATIONS - Install or Upgrade Equipment, Accessories, Headlights, LED Lights & Mounts, Light Bars, Bumpers, Winches, Nerf and Step Bars, Horns, Tool Boxes and Ladder Racks, Spray-In Bed Liners and Coatings, Window Tint, Trailer/Towing Wiring & Towing Systems, Lift and Leveling Kits and more. We also provide customized welding or repairs.


  • And much more (Please call for specific needs)

Service Shop Rate: $130.00 per hour

Service Shop Rate (Diesel Trucks): $125 per hour

-Service/Labor Rates do not include the cost for parts, materials or sales tax.   

 -A 3% processing fee will apply to all credit or debits cards used for payment over $250.

 -10% discounts are given for Military and First Responders (ID Required).  

Custom Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

Workmanship Guarantee: Workmanship on service, installation or repairs are guaranteed for 90 days.  Nontransferable and applies only to installation, service work, and collision repair performed by AMU Services. Subject to inspection and verification by AMU Services. Applies to labor only; does not apply to defects in parts installed or used. Does not apply to third party labor. Void if the Vehicle or installation or service site has been modified or repaired by a third party, damaged, or if owner fails to operate or maintain the Vehicle or installed part as recommended by the manufacturer. Owners experiencing a problem with workmanship must immediately contact AMU Services for assistance; delay in notification may void guarantee.

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